Video: Kilian Fischhuber in Rocklands

Kilian Fischhuber on Rhino, 7B+, Rocklands, 85 kb
Kilian Fischhuber on Rhino, 7B+, Rocklands
© Reinhard Fichtinger

Here's a video from when Kilian Fischhuber, Anna Stöhr, Emanuel Moosburger and Co. visited Rocklands last summer.

There are some short clips the guys climbing on various problems including Kilian's 2 x dyno FA Air star, ~8B, which I think is still unrepeated. And then there's Kilian doing the classic Rhino and the four-mover Sky, 8B+, another 2 x dyno problem.

For those of you interested in what he's talking about, he is basically saying Rocklands is one of the very best bouldering areas in the world, and then how cool the boulders are, and than about how he did Sky

All in all a pretty nice video for you to enjoy.

Kilian Fischhuber has many sponsors, including: La Sportiva, Vaude, Edelrid and Sport.Land

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