9a/+ FA in the Verdon by Bouin

Sébastien Bouin
© Sébastien Bouin

Sébastien Bouin has made a couple of FA:s in the Verdon Gorge lately.
In the La Ramirole cave, he managed to free a ~50m line right through the middle of the cave

An intitial 8b+/c section followed by a strange boulder crux leads to an ~8b+ finish.
Just solving the different sections took about ten sessions, and the he needed 20 more to link the whole thing. Sébastien says the boulder crux is so low percentage that he only managed to do it twice before the successful redpoint.

He feels that this route is considerably harder than 3P (PPP), the 9a he made the 2nd ascent of in the Galetas sector, and suggests 9a/+ hoping that others will confirm it.

The other FA in the same sector was easier but still difficult. An 8c/+ with two boulder cruxes separated by some endurance climbing.

Source: Kairn

Sébastien Bouin is sponsored by: Five Ten

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