VIDEO: Steve McClure - Norway DWS Splash Down

Steve McClure DWSing in Norway at the competition, 25 kb
Steve McClure DWSing in Norway at the competition
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Steve McClure recently attended a Deep Water Soloing competition in Norway, and came in fifth place, but he did win the best splash down!

Steve reported on the event on his Petzl blog:

"Myself, Ben Heason, Gav Symonds and Aid Baxter warmed up ready for a plunge. All pretty used to DWS, this 10-12m wall wasn't phasing us.

The rule was simple: everyone had to go in, even if they topped, there was no way round the back! This is one of the rules I'd insisted, along with there being no awkward dynos near the top. The last thing anyone wanted was a punctured lung from a back splat at this showpiece event!

So I was disappointed to be facing an almighty leap to the finishing jug in the 2nd qualifier. Leaping all-out I wished I was taller, as that would blatantly have made life easier. A hand connected with the jug as legs swung out below and fingers uncurled. I was off and out of control; and high up! With no chance of sorting my entry I opted for a dive, headfirst. It hurt! Like a fairly hefty punch in the chest. But I won best lob so it was more than worth it, and it was enough to see me in the final!

...Magnus Midtbo took first place in the mens, his sister in the female event. There were some real wads here and Team GB DWS did good with me 5th, Aid 6th, Gav 10th and Ben 11th. Roll on next year!"

See video:

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