First ever British Speed Climbing Championships

The first ever British Speed Climbing Champions will be crowned on Sunday 16th October 2011 at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (EICA), Ratho. The event promises to be an exciting spectacle with climbers going head-to-head to race to the top of two parallel routes of identical length, profile, design and difficulty.

British Team member Jonny Field cranking in the youth world cup at Ratho, Edinburgh  © Lukasz Warzecha -
British Team member Jonny Field cranking in the youth world cup at Ratho, Edinburgh
© Lukasz Warzecha -

The inaugural British Speed Climbing Championships (BSCC's) will be held in conjunction with Britain's premier lead climbing competition which takes place at EICA over the weekend of 15-16th October 2011.

The British Lead Climbing Championships (BLCC's) junior and vets categories will take place on Saturday, with the seniors on the Sunday. Come and watch Britain's best climbers battle it out hanging upside down on the steepest climbing wall in Britain, all vying for the chance to become British Lead Climbing Champion.

The BSCC's will run on Sunday 16th October, where the fastest climbers will be on the speed wall fighting to become Britain's first Speed Climbing Champion. Juniors will compete in the morning (at the same time as the Senior BLCC's) and seniors in the afternoon once the senior BLCC finals have concluded.

Rob Adie, BMC Competitions Officer, said: "The BMC ran the first official international speed climbing competition at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in September 2010 as part of the IFSC World Youth Championships. As we host the BLCC's at EICA every year, it made sense to introduce the BSCC's as well. Speed climbing has been hugely popular on the international circuit for a while now, and it will be great to see speed climbing on a national level. I can't wait to see who wins."

Competitors can enter either event or both as desired.

The BLCC's and BSCC's routes will be set with Entre-Prises climbing holds. Entre-Prises are the official supplier of bolt-on holds to the BMC.

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12 Sep, 2011
Really??? I always find speed climbing comps strange...
13 Sep, 2011
"The first ever British Speed Climbing Champions" Well Gaz Parry and Siobhan Coughlan will be absolutely gutted as they seem to think that they are the first ever British Speed Climbing Champions having won those titles at The Foundry in 1999 prior to the BMC hosting the World Championships at the NIA in December 1999.
13 Sep, 2011
Man, that's last century. You had might as well be telling us Edward Whymper held the title in 1859. :¬)
13 Sep, 2011
Sounds p1sh. Its not even real climbing.
13 Sep, 2011
How hard are the routes - 6b, 7a, 7c? Do you get to practice on it first?
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