VIDEO: Flatanger teaser

The Hanshelleren cave, Flatanger, Norway, 86 kb
The Hanshelleren cave, Flatanger, Norway

Here is a short video teaser, presenting the Hansehelleren cave at Flatanger north of Trondheim in Norway. Already, one 9a, the 55m Nordic flower has been put up in the cave by Jorg Verhoeven, but what's to come is no doubt spectacular stuff.
For example, Magnus Midtboe is bolting a 300m line straight out through the whole cave. Yes, that's correct, that's three hundred meters in a cave! Insane.
Whether he will do it as a multi pitch or go Ali-baba style and climb the whole thing in one single push is still an open question, but as Magnus puts it "...climbing 300 meters in one push, might be a little overkill."
Yeah, well... maybe just a little.

Magnus Midtbö is sponsored by: AAK, Tyrili Klatring and Mammut

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