Koyamada climbs Daedalus, 8B+

Dai Koyamada near the top of Daedalus, 8B+
© Ikuko serata

While waiting for the temperature to go down in Cresciano, so he can start making serious attempts on David graham's The story of two worlds, 8C, Dai koyamada is biding his time and keeping fit by escaping to higher ground at Sustenpass.

His latest ascent was the first repeat of Martin Keller's Daedalus, 8B+, an extension to the classic Traumland, 8A:

It was a really nice line and I am thankful to Martin.
I also did Viagra, 8A/+, and Rêve de faire, 8B, the same day.

I keep trying Story low start and managed to climb into The Dagger [the 2nd part of TSOTW] starting from both hands in the undercling.
I climb at night as it is too hot to try in the daytime...

Meanwhile, Martin came even closer to doing his looong standing Highlander-project, an extension of Daedalus which he has been working on for a number of years now. This time he fell on the last difficult move...

Dai Koyamada is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Beal, Mad Rock, Flashed, Inga and Musashi

Martin Keller is sponsored by: Moon Climbing

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