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Olivier Mignon on Remembrance of things past, 8B+, Magic Wood, 127 kb
Olivier Mignon on Remembrance of things past, 8B+, Magic Wood
© Mignon coll.

Belgian, Olivier Mignon has made a repeat of Chris Sharma's The never ending story, 8B+, on the very polished Bach Boulder at Magic Wood/Averstal in Switzerland.

Olivier can almost be considered a local of the area considering how much time he has spent there. This was the 2nd of the grade for him after New Base Line a bit further up on the slope.

His main plan was in fact to do Daniel Woods' Remembrance of things past in the "Darkness cave", but when he didn't feel close enough on it, he moved on to his "back up project" which apparently worked better.

Adam Ondra and Dai Koyamada
© Koyamada coll.

Meanwhile Dai Koyamada stayed in the cave, but he is doing his best to climb out of it. His current project is to link In search of time lost into From the darkness to the sunshine. This will probably be hard.
Dai also repeated Remembrance of things past.

Much to his surprise, Dai was joined in the cave by Adam Ondra who suddenly showed up. Don't know if he climbed anything, but watch this space!

Olivier Mignon is sponsored by: Tramontagne
Dai Koyamada is sponsored by: Mad Rock

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