GU strikes again

Guntram Jörg on Sur le fil, 8B+, 135 kb
Guntram Jörg on Sur le fil, 8B+
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Guntram "GU" Jörg said it himself in the interview I posted yesterday: "...I have to go back to the other side tomorrow, over Gotthard to try to finish Sur de fil [The Nicole 8B+] before the snow is coming.", and that's exactly what he did.

From his blog: After I couldn't finish Sur de fil on my last climbing day I linked the moves on my first try today. It wasn't that cold and the friction felt much better. Again that's a first repeat of a Fred Nicole boulder somewhere in the unknown part of Swiss. Really happy with that one ;)

Sur le fil (On the wire) was, according to Martin Keller, put up by Fred Nicole some 8 years ago.

If it's true what it says on his Facebook profile, that he is a graduate of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, maybe this isn't very impressive after all.

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