VIDEO: Nalle and Co. in Fontainebleau 2011 +

Here's another video from Alvi Pakarinen with Nalle Hukkataival and a Finnish posse in Fontainebleau earlier this year. Nalle repeats classics like Karma, 8A+, Elephunk, 8B, L'Apparemment, 8B and the stunning dyno of Rainbow Rocket, 8A, to name a few.

The last part of the video, after Nalle wrecked his ankle and is very close to flashing the 8A dyno La Puce, is absolutely hilarious, especially if you understand Finnish... or so I've been told.

Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond and La Sportiva

Today's bonus video, is a considerably shorter version of the La Sportiva Legends Only video, featuring among others, one of the extras from Nalle's video, Andy Gullsten.:

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