A day with Ondra in Font

Adam Ondra flashing Gecko assis, 8B+, 87 kb
Adam Ondra flashing Gecko assis, 8B+
© Pierre Délas

The other day, Pierre Délas from Kairn had the privilege of tagging along with Adam Ondra and his film crew for a day in Fontainebleau.

Pierre, who is used to watching very strong climbers in Font, describes the experience as "more than magic" and "unreal".

Two things stand out he says:
Firstly that he never stops climbing. Immediately after an ascent he is looking for the next without any pause.
He climbs a lot and doesn't care about the conditions, but just continues again and again, thirsty for bouldering.

The second thing is the speed at which he is adapting to the style. Climbing in Font is very technical and you must learn a lot before being able to perform, but he has a very good feeling here after just four days of climbing.
Sometimes strong climbers here are often climbing using more power, without technique. This was not the case.

In the article, Adam says he honestly feels that Gecko assis is closer to 8B than 8B+, but given that 100% of the repeaters on think it's 8B+, I guess that could have more to do with Adam being stronger than ever before than anything else.

Pierre's full length article, in French, can be found here


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