Spanish ticks

Kalea Boroka, 8b+, Siurana, Spain, 133 kb
Kalea Boroka, 8b+, Siurana, Spain
© Florence Pinet

As usual, there is a strong French speaking crew in Catalunya. I say French-speaking because I want to be able to include Cedric Lachat and Nina Caprez in the group. Maybe Iker Pou also speaks the language?

Be that as it may, at Margalef he has made the first ascent of A todo cerdo le llega su San Martin a fingery hard 8c+/9a just left of Pal este, 8c+, which he did the following day.

Also at Margalef, Cedric made a quick ascent of Buma ye, 8c+, and onsighted the very physical Rocaina dura, 8b+.

Meanwhile at Siurana, Florence Pinet repeated Kale Borroka, 8b+. She had tried it for the first time three years ago and this time things went really smoothly and she needed only one attempt.

Source: Kairn.

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