High Rocks Access Issues

There has been a recent number of break-ins to High Rocks recently, highlighted by an email from the owner to the BMC threatening that if it continues then climbing access may have to be reconsidered. These break-ins have been by people making holes in the perimeter to avoid entering through the main gate. Due to the owners insurance he must maintain a complete perimeter fence and having to continue to repair this is proving quite an expense to him. It is his belief, rightly or wrongly is irrelevant, that it is climbers causing these holes and therefore is looking to take action.

Infidel at High Rocks
© Mark Alderson, Jul 2006

It is with great importance that everyone pays to climb here and enters through the main gate and does not break in through the fence. If you do not want to pay to climb then I advise you find another crag!

If climbing was to be banned from High Rocks it will be a major blow to climbing in the South East.

A meeting is currently being set up with owner but everyone can do their bit by making sure to pay and use the correct entrance. It is my personal view that anyone caught ignoring this should be named and shamed!

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