Woods to try Jumbo love

© Boone Speed / Aurora Photos
Chris Sharma on the huge sweep of limestone of Jumbo Love - F9b
© Boone Speed / Aurora Photos

To say Daniel Woods "starts" sport climbing is perhaps a tad misleading, I mean the guy climbed 9a+ (Jaws) last year, as well as lots of other hard routes which, I guess, would qualify him as a decent sport climber by most standards.

Lately however, bouldering has been the name of his game and he has been quite successful to use an understatement.

Now when he told me he had started sport climbing again, my first thought was that he wanted to do some short, bouldery "boulder with a rope".

Well, not quite. I was light years off target in my assumption.

Daniel now says he going to try La reve and Jumbo love in April.
I'm going to take a break from bouldering for a bit. I will still do it, but just not train it as I'm more motivated for rope.

La Reve is Jonathan Siegrist's recently opened 9a/+ at Arrow canyon and Jumbo love is Chris Sharma's monster of a 9b at Clark Mountain.

I for one is looking forward to seeing if Daniel can transfer his boulder power to these endurance feasts.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: The North Face, La Sportiva, Petzl, Organic, Sanuk, Native, Nicros and Life Sport

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12 Mar, 2012
A man is thinking about climbing a route next month. And tomorrow on UKC, eye witness reports of somebody placing a friend, in a crack, at Stanage.
12 Mar, 2012
Pretty awesome news IMO. Not exactly many people in the world that could realistically consider Jumbo Love is there?
12 Mar, 2012
One helluva walk. Clark Mountain - the best limestone in America Interesting news, I wonder if the bounty of $1,000 still stands? This will be interesting.....good luck Daniel. Mick
12 Mar, 2012
Congratulations on making the most predicatable post on UKC this week (I know its only Monday morning).
12 Mar, 2012
That was me, actually. Or "Pukka Pies Athlete Ramblin' Dave" as I'm known in news articles.
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