3rd ascent of The Big Island, 8C, by De Kock

South African Arjan De Kock is enjoying himself at Fontainebleau, bouldering stronger than ever. Lately he has repeated both The big island, 8C, and Satan i helvete assis, 8B+*. Nalle Hukkataival also repeated the latter.

Vincent Pochon's The Big Island, at Coquibus Rumont, adds two physical moves to the start of Dave Graham's The Island, 8B+. Arjan's ascent was the 3rd after Pochon and Lucas Ménégatti.

*Satan i helvete was opened by Sébastien Frigault and was given 8C. As far as I know, no one has repeated the problem from Sébastien's original, somewhat contrived(?), start, instead opting to start one move in, making it a low start weighing in around 8B+. I don't know where Arjan and Nalle started, but hopefully I will soon.

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12 Apr, 2012
Great name.