Woods climbs Mission Impossible, 9a

Daniel Woods on Mission Impossible, 9a, Clear Creek Canyon, 194 kb
Daniel Woods on Mission Impossible, 9a, Clear Creek Canyon
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Daniel Woods has made the first ascent of a long standing project next to Interstellar Overdrive in Colorado's Clear Creek Canyon. The project name was Mission Impossible
Apparently that wasn't entirely true.

On 27crags, Daniel Woods describes the slightly overhung route as relatively easy climbing leading into a 15 move 8A+section, followed by a big rest, some 7b-ish climbing and the a 10 move 8A boulder.

The end of this crux was the nail biter for me. You have to take a half pad incut crimp with the right hand and do a long lock off with the left hand to a finger nail size crimp. You then come into a quarter pad sloping edge with the right hand and do a massive high step heel hook with the right foot on the edge next to your right hand. From here you have to rock over and mantle up doing a long lock off to a quarter pad incut edge, match this and go to a flat rail with the right hand. You then match this hold and go to a jug, clip the chains and top out. It took me 2 days just to do this mantle move and if it was too hot, I could not even hold my body weight off of these holds.

Daniel needed 6-7 days to make the first ascent of Mission Impossible*says this is his most difficult route to date and gives it 9a, though it could very well be 9a+.

*Daniel originally wanted to call it Death row but then decided to keep the name Jay Samuelson, who bolted it, gave it.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: The North Face, La Sportiva, Petzl, Organic, Sanuk, Native, Nicros and Life Sport

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