BMC Access Work Round-Up

The BMC has been busy working on behalf of climbers this spring and several access restrictions have been lifted recently.

But as well as some early restriction liftings, it is worth noting the increased restrictions at Pembroke this summer, due to increased military training.

Also in access news from the BMC is the production of an excellent leaflet called Climbing & Occupiers' Liability, which outlines why climbers are not a threat to landowners.

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Hen cloud
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Below are a few access items listed from the BMC website. Click on the headline to read the full story over on the BMC website.

Hen Cloud restrictions lifted

Voluntary restrictions on access around a peregrine's nest at Hen Cloud in Staffordshire have been lifted early following the successful fledging of one chick.

Almost 70 routes between Nutted by Reality and Easy Come have been off limits since 1 March under the agreement with the Peak District National Park Authority. The restrictions were due to run until 30 June but the successful fledging means they can now be lifted ten days early...

Holwick Scar restriction lifted

The temporary restriction to Open Access on Holwick Fell has recently been modified by Natural England (NE) so as not to include the climbing crag of Holwick Scar.

The restriction was put in place by NE in March 2012 due to a damaging plant pathogen called Phytophthora austrocedraewhich was found to be affecting juniper on the fell...

Woodland improvements planned at Lawrencefield

The National Trust is planning important woodland and landscape work on its Longshaw Estate over the next five to ten years, including changes at the popular former gritstone quarry at Lawrencefield...

The quarry is more formally known as Bole Hill, and today the land around it is covered by self-seeded birch trees that covered the workings when quarrying was abandoned early last century...

Why rock climbers aren't a liability

A new guide produced by the British Mountaineering Council answers the concerns of landowners about the perceived liability risks associated with rock climbing on their land

Called Climbing & Occupiers' Liability, it offers landowners, managers and visitors to the countryside and crags of England and Wales a brief summary of the legislation which affects the obligation of those who own and manage land...

Pembrokeshire access update

Lots of closures this summer in Pembrokeshire:

Range East is open every weekend and most evenings after 16.30, but will be closed during mid week days due to live-firing exercises...

...The dates and times for these closures in early summer in 2012 are mid-week days from 14 May 14 to 22 June. There will also be night firing on all Tuesdays and Thursdays during this period. The second closure dates are midweek days 25 June to 20 July with night firing every mid-week evening during this period. There will be access between 17.30 and 21.30 during these times to St Govan's head and Trevellen only. The section from St Govan's chapel to Stack Rocks will reamin closed...

As well as direct crag access news, the BMC has also been beavering away on other related topics, from recycling ropes through to reducing energy use at BMC huts.

And if you've a spare minute, check out Ed Douglas' piece on illegal off road driving in the Peak District - food for thought.

The articles are listed below:

Rope recycling project underway

A few months ago sustainability expert Dan Firth approached the BMC with his idea for a new enterprise recycling climbing gear and in particular old rope. We thought his plans showed potential, and so we've been backing his efforts to research his business plan. Now the project is going live.

Having researched his idea of collecting rope and other gear and finding new uses or recycling options, Dan asked us to help him find some volunteers to help develop the business. In the medium term, he hopes to create a couple of either part-time or full-time jobs depending on how an initial pilot performs...

Retrofit for huts planned as energy costs soar

It's an issue that every club with a hut is facing. As energy costs soar, how to keep hut fees at an acceptable level? At the recent AGM of the Alex MacIntyre Memorial Hut's management committee a vote was taken to increase fees – but the future lies in reducing the energy needed to heat the building.

If you don't know the AMMH, then you probably should. It's superbly located on the A82, one mile north of the Ballachulish Bridge, just north of Glen Coe. If you're a member of the BMC or the MCofS, or an affiliated club, then you're entitled to use it.

At the moment, it costs £8 per person per night, which is great value...

Off-road rage

The Peak District is under attack from illegal off-road driving. With outrage reaching fever pitch, is it time that off-roading became extinct? Ed Douglas gets behind the wheel...

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