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Master spy direct, wilton 1
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Les Ainsworth reports on routes that need cleaning in the Bolton area of Lancashire:

"Currently, nearly all the text and information for the next definitive Lancashire guidebook is ready. This means that the only holdup now is obtaining photodiagrams for the Bolton Area. Unfortunately, before the photos are taken, some of the crags need a clean up and whilst this has been done elsewhere, there are some Bolton crags where this is urgently required.

If we can get enough climbers involved there isn't much for each of us to do, but with the numbers currently involved, it's a big job. Most of climbs involved can be cleaned from an abseil in about half an hour or less, but that becomes a mammoth task if there are a limited number of 'cleaners'. I know that some of you may not climb on some of the crags or routes that need a clean, but if you could spare an hour or so I would be most grateful. Otherwise, the guide may be delayed, or worse, some routes could be lost."

The areas that need cleaning are:

  • Egerton: Most routes on Grooved Wall (15 out of 20) 
  • Lester Mill: Saplings from foot of the crag. 
  • Ousell's: Most routes (about 30 in total) 
  • Wilton One: The Allotment between Barbara Ann & Adidas (12 routes) 
  • Denham: The corner of Wet, remove brambles below Nuts, and at the tops of Hough to Thin Finger Crack and the ledges on Groove and Wall

"In all this is about 70 routes. Too much for 3 or 4 activists, but there are enough climbers in the area to get all the work done easily. So, if you have an hour to spare (and that is all that I am asking for), please pick one of the above and then let me know what routes have been cleaned?"



If you have cleaned a route on this list - please post information in the linked forum thread.

This information was sent to us via the BMC newsletter.

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