Three FA:s and cold feet for Daniel Woods

Here is another video from The Park. The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado that is.

In it, local Daniel Woods talks about how the park just keeps delivering new areas and projects. He also climbs a few of them. They don't look easy, and most probably aren't as two of them are given 8B+ and the third 8C, but Daniel is a strong lad.

He is not crap at skate boarding either.

I don't know what's more hard core, bouldering 8C or walking through knee deep snow in Sanuks...

Daniel is now getting ready for Malaysia where he is going to climb and bolt routes at 13,000 feet with Yuji Hirayama, James Pearson, and Caroline Ciavaldini. After "living in the alpine for a month", he will be going to South Africa and is "beyond stoked right now".

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: Sanuk, The North Face, La Sportiva, Petzl, Organic,, Native, Nicros and Life Sport

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