8c for Sarah Seeger + Toni Lamprecht Video & More

Sarah Seeger on Chrisu, 8c, Frankenjura, 124 kb
Sarah Seeger on Chrisu, 8c, Frankenjura
© Manuel Brunn

Apparently, not everyone is glued in front of the TV during the London Olympic games and there has been some climbing action as well. Here is a short re-cap:

In Allgäu, Sarah Seeger has climbed another 8c, Chrisu, which she says was something of a mind game for her. This was the first female ascent.

Further south, at Baltzola in the Basque country, Andrea Cartas repeated White zombie for her first ever 8c.

Also in Spain, but at Margalef, 15 year old Piotr Schab, from Kraków, Poland, repeated Chris Sharma's Era vella, 9a, a route that must surely be the most popular of its grade right now.

At Wild Iris, Wyoming, B J Tilden made the first ascent of Moonshinehis first 9a. He bolted this line 10 years ago.

Last, but not least, here is a video of Toni Lamprecht making the first ascent of Braking bad at what looks like Kochel in southern Germany.

Sources: Marmot Mountain Europe, Trango world and 8a

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