FRI NIGHT VID: Frankenjura Trad - 'Greenpoint'

The following text and video are from the full story on the DMM Website.

The term 'redpoint' or 'rotpunkt' originated in the Frankenjura area of Germany and is now used at sport climbing crags around the world. What is meant by 'greenpointing' a route is probably a lot less familiar to climbers.

It's used on the Bavarian limestone crags to describe climbing an existing bolted route without clipping the bolts, simply relying on trad gear, such as nuts and cams, for protection.

Heiko Queitsch is one of the keenest proponents of this style of climbing and in this video, Heiko explains why he is attracted to this style of climbing against footage of Magnet, Power of Love (9-) and an attempt at a new trad route, Dragon Mouth, from May of this year. Heiko returned a couple of days later to complete the route at around E7 and F7c/+.

Big thanks to DMM for the video.

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