VIDEO: A Climbing Life - Opus #1 Inside Life

A climbing life, Opus #1 is the first in what is to become a long series of short videos about Romain Desgranges' life as a professional climber.

The theme of this first video is training. Quite fitting as I suspect that's what Romain has been doing a lot of lately, considering the World Champs in Paris are right around the corner. The french #1 is currently ranked 5th in lead.

Here is the result of my new adventures with the # 1 opus: inside life. No claims other than being a true "motivation" for lovers of evil arms and résistance!

Romain Desgranges is sponsored by: adidas, La Sportiva, Beal, Weleda, Snap, Yogi Tea, Vitam Parc, Snap,Headstart and Expression holds

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