Bunda ju fora, 9a, by Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder has repeated Lev Pinter's Bunda ju Fora, 9a, at Acephale, Alberta, Canada.

This is the first repeat of the route after a hold broke. A break that, according to Joe made the route significantly harder by creating an entirely new crux and adding to the old crux. Joe describes the route as a long ~8B boulder sequence into an ~8a+ route:

Bunda Ju Fora is hard... very hard. It's utter power-resistance for roughly 18 moves of squeezing the sh*t outta sh*t, followed by an 8a+ route to the top. It requires complete perfection in executing the moves and there is no room for error or anything to go wrong. The hands must hit each hold perfectly, the temps can't be too cold or too warm, the humidity cannot suck, my skin cannot be taped up too much, my head has to have the will to drop the hammer, and each moves has to get full attention one after another. It is nuts!

The only repeat I know of before the break was made by Dave Graham a few years ago.

Here's Joe attempting the route prior to the ascent:

Joe Kinder is sponsored by: Eastern Mountain Sports, Gregory Packs, La Sportiva, Petzl, Sterling Rope, Metolius, Nutriex and Smith Optics

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