MINI INTERVIEW: Fran Brown Paraclimbing World Champ

It was an amazing experience and I didn't go expecting to win as it was my first international so I am super pleased. It does prove that training hard pays off though!

Fran Brown, Paraclimbing World Champion 2012

British climber Fran Brown is the 2012 Paraclimbing World Champion.

Fran (recently profiled on UKClimbing) was in Paris just over a week ago for the World Championships and even though it was her first international competition she managed to take the title. caught up with Fran very briefly to ask a couple of questions about the competition:

Jack: How long were you over in Paris for, and how many routes did you have to climb over there?

Fran Brown cranking to first place in the finals of the 2012 Paraclimbing World Championships, 54 kb
Fran Brown cranking to first place in the finals of the 2012 Paraclimbing World Championships
© Nick Clement
Fran: I was there for 7 days. I had a medical classification on the Tuesday, then two qualification routes on Wednesday and Thursday and the final on Friday so three routes over three days plus the classification day.

Jack: What sort of standard were the final routes?

Fran: I am not entirely sure as the IFSC didn't disclose this, however the final route was supposed to be set between 7b and 8a. The qualifiers were a 6a and a 7a. 

Jack: Any overall impressions of the event? Was it busy? Lots of spectators?

Fran: There were several spectators during the week although significantly less than at the weekend when the other finals were on - when the arena was almost sold out. There was a great atmosphere.

Jack: Any particular high points?

Fran: I enjoyed the final route and the support from the crowd really helped. I also enjoyed the fact that the event was integrated so we were able to watch the able bodied lead, speed and bouldering competition and most of them came of support us. 

Jack: Thanks Fran - congratulations!

Fran Brown
© Jim Petersen

Fran Brown is sponsored by The Arch Climbing Wall, Five Ten, Arc'teryx, SmartWool

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