Alexander Megos crushes the Red

Alexander Megos on Pure Imagination, 8c+, Red River Gorge, 207 kb
Alexander Megos on Pure Imagination, 8c+, Red River Gorge
© Peter Würth

After Adam Ondra has raised the bar and broken into the next realm, others are showing interest in joining him there. German, Alexander Megos is one of them.

On a trip to the US, Alexander first repeated David Graham's boulder route The Fly, 9a/8B, at Rumney, New Hampshire, before he heading south to the Red River Gorge where he really went down to business.

The business involved a flash ascent of Pure imagination, 8c+, at the Chocolate factory, where he also made a very impressive 2nd try ascent of The Golden ticket, hard 8c+ according to Ondra, 8c+/9a according to Cedric Lachat and 9a according to Ethan Pringle.

He also made 2nd try ascents of 24 carats and Lucifer and needed a few tries for 50 words for pump and Southern smoke, all of which are 8c+.

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