VIDEO: Red River Gorge report

Adam Ondra flashing Southern smoke direct, 9a, Red River Gorge, 162 kb
Adam Ondra flashing Southern smoke direct, 9a, Red River Gorge
© Cédric Lachat

I guess this hasn't escaped many, but things have gone down in Kentucky's Red River Gorge lately. First there was, Ashima Shiraishi then Adam Ondra and, then there's the rest. If the two former hadn't been present and done what they have, what "the rest" have been up to would have been nothing short of sensational.

Daniel Woods' flash of an 8c+ has been in the news already, but I haven't mentioned his 2nd go of Lucifer, 8c+, or, his 3rd go ascents of 24 carats and Golden ticket, also ~8c+.

And then you have Mélissa Le Nevé who has done 50 words for pump and Southern smoke, both ~8c+.

Jacopo Larcher and Jon Cardwell have both done Southern smoke direct, 9a, and Pure imagination, 8c+, and so did Cédric Lachat, plus Golden ticket, which he calls 8c+/9a. This is interesting as Adam Ondra onsighted this one.

In this, the third, RRG-video from Cédric Lachat and friends, we get to see some of the action, including part of Adam's flash of Southern smoke direct

This video has English subtitles, making it considerably easier to understand.

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