Västervik BoulderingVideo

© Dominik Hadwiger
Invited boulderers at Fallataket, Västervik  © Dominik Hadwiger
Invited boulderers at Fallataket, Västervik
© Dominik Hadwiger

Right now, the boulders around Västervik are covered by a couple of feet of snow, but in September this year things looked very different. The city of Västervik had invited a bunch of strong international boulderers for the second annual Västervik Boulder Meet.

This time they had also invited film maker Cameron Maier, aka Bearcam, to make a film about it.

Next year, there will be a new boulder meet, so if you like what you see, check out their website.

This is the video:

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18 Dec, 2012
There're so many Art of Flight references in this film. Looks great!
18 Dec, 2012
26:35 traversi blowtorching, what a length.
18 Dec, 2012
hadn't someone already said that on this thread and then it dissappeared?! Or is there another Västervik thread in which the blow torching came up? I'm sure it's not a brilliant idea, although I suspect if Swedish granite is much like Finnish granite, it might not be such a terrible thing.
19 Dec, 2012
Im not sure if its been said before. im not to fussed what rock its on, it sets a bad example for people who dont know better. If its local practice thats fine but dont put it in a video.
19 Dec, 2012
You've posted a video of somebody blowtorching a boulder problem to dry it out! Are you serious? UKC should pull this video. Ridiculous.
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