[UPDATED] VIDEO: 3rd ascent of Hydrangea, 8C, by Motochika Nagao

Nagao on Hydrangea, ~8C, Shiobara, Japan  © bashis60
Nagao on Hydrangea, ~8C, Shiobara, Japan
© bashis60

Thanks to Markku Laine and Koji Mrwk, I came across this video of a Japanese climber making the 3rd ascent of Dai Koyamada's Hydrangea, hard 8C, at Shiobara, Japan, a couple of weeks ago.

The climber's name is Motochika Nagao (thanks Masa!). He says that he: is a Japanese engineer and weekend warrior.
I always go to Shiobara, Horai, Mizugaki etc- for bouldering.

Hydrangea was my dream from four years ago, when I first visited Shiobara. I'm very happy.

I want to keep trying various problems.

Hydrangea was put up by Dai Koyamada back in 2005 and didn't get a second ascent, by Daniel Woods, until February this year. Daniel agreed with Dai's suggestion of "hard 8C".

Evidently there are a lot of very strong climbers that most of us know nothing about...

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25 Mar, 2013
so we can also assume that this is probably the 6th or 7th ascent (at least)
25 Mar, 2013
yes... that's probably about right...
25 Mar, 2013
The climber's name is 長尾 基史 - the most likely spelling in alphabet is Motochika Nagao. Masa
25 Mar, 2013