The Big island, first 8C for Schulte

Chris Schulte on Tajine, 8A+, Fontainebleau, France, 244 kb
Chris Schulte on Tajine, 8A+, Fontainebleau, France
© Chris Schulte

Chris Schulte has repeated Vincent Pochon's The Big Island, ~8C, at Coquibus Rumont, Fontainebleau, for his first ever of the grade.

After setting up nicely by doing things like The Dagger, ~8B+, some 8B's plus his first ever 8A+ flash (Conquistadors) in Ticino, Chris went to Fontainebleau. Here he dispatched Nalle Hukkataival's The Realist, ~8B+, and Elephunk, ~8B, before he got back on The Big Island, one of the problems on his "life list".

Rock & Ice has the full story, including an interview.

8C's seem to fall thicker and faster this season than ever before and perhaps this means the level of bouldering has taken a step up.

Chris Schulte is sponsored by: Black Diamond

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