Domen Škofic in TicinoVideo

© GRTA Studios | Rok Klančnik
Domen Škofic  © GRTA Studios | Rok Klančnik
Domen Škofic
© GRTA Studios | Rok Klančnik

Doman Škofic, one of the most promising young lead climbers in the World Cup, visited Ticino, where he showed he's quite a boulderer as well.

Highlights include a near flash(!) of The Dagger, ~8B/+, which he then did 3rd go, and a quick ascent of Confessions, ~8B+.

Maybe he should enter the bouldering World Cup as the problems there are no harder than 7B+-7C according to the setters. Personally I'm wondering if they're not referring to the British technical grade. That would make more sense to me...

Doman Škofic is sponsored by: Edelrid

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7 Apr, 2013
good point about the grades in comps. it seems ridiculous to see ~8b+/8c boulderers struggle with 7b in a comp... maybe the setters want to appear as bad ass hard core mofos too? speeking about the dagger and ticino, why is it, that super strong and talented guys like jan hojer or jernej kruder couldn't do their thing in millau? they didn't even get to the semis although they are some of the best boulderers outdoors. is it really the same sport?
7 Apr, 2013
is it really the same sport? I think that the style that is set in indoor competitions is so different from 90% of stuff outside that it is hard to compare to two. I remember seeing a video of Dave Graham falling off some pretty easy stuff (for him) on an indoor wall because it is just so different from bouldering outdoors. Still an interesting point though as some of the best comp climbers can't climb any where near as well outside compared with some of their peers in the comp such as those you mentioned... On a side note, anyone know how old this guy is? Massive effort from him for such ridiculous ascents so quickly!!
7 Apr, 2013
interesting that you say "some of the best comp climbers don't do so well outdoors", it seems to me that a lot of comp climbers who spend a bit of time outdoors actually do very well. Certainly the style differs (I remember a vid of ondra.saying how he was going to climb indoors for a few weeks pre world cup to adjust to indoor climbing) but I think the key traits that make a good comp climber are very similar to those required to do well outdoors. With regards to Dave graham, its worth noting that while he has an impressive cv he's not particularly strong. For example his new v15 took him weeks of work whereas Daniel woods repeated it in a season. He's certainly got good sessioning skills but he's not so good at quick sends, which is what comps are all about.
7 Apr, 2013
season = session
7 Apr, 2013
When did Justin Bieber take up bouldering ?
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