Reflections on Everest + Oli LyonFri Night Vid

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This week we have a Friday Night double bill. First up it's Everest.

Hopefully things are settling down on the mountain after the storm of a few days ago. People across the globe have formed strong opinions on the Everest punch-up, some blaming the Sherpas and others blaming the trio of Western climbers.

Whilst things can get heated in extreme situations, and tempers can run high; resulting in a few cross words or snap decisions, it seems clear to us that such a crazy situation on Everest is the result of years of inequality and blatant commercialism, and not whether a single climber knocked some ice down, or said a swear word, or whether one or two Sherpas acted overly aggressively, or rallied a mob.

Here's an interesting video from National Geographic reflecting on the past 50 years on Everest. Large queues and even larger sums of money, is that how we should treat one of the most amazing places on Earth?

And moving on from Everest, back to our world of rock, chalk, tight shoes, friends and fun, we have Oli Lyon. You may remember a video from Oli a while ago that was well received. Now the fun loving climber is back on the road and this time he's battling the sandstone cracks of Indian Creek in the USA.

Watch this video for a snapshot of what, to us, climbing is all about. Go Oli!

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3 May, 2013
It's so much more enjoyable to watch someone climb a crack like that, than watch Honnold effortlessly breeze his way up!
4 May, 2013
Yes, a bit easier to relate to! Excellent; so good that I would have more than happily watched for a few more minutes rather than put up with the slightly annoying editing.
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