Savile's House up for Auction

© Ross Harper Property Auctions

The Glen Coe cottage formerly owned Jimmy Savile is to be auctioned later today.

Allt na Reigh  © Ross Harper Property Auctions
Allt na Reigh
© Ross Harper Property Auctions

Allt na Reigh, which occupies a prominent roadside position in the heart of the glen, has been the target of vandalism since the very public disgrace of the late presenter.

There's been talk of demolishing it, a sort of symbolic public slate wiping. Others however feel that the house has a place in Scottish climbing history. It was once owned by Hamish MacInnes no less, who made his famous axes and stretchers on-site. Possible uses discussed on these forums and elsewhere include a club hut, a youth centre or even the home for a museum of climbing gear.

Of course it's Allt na Reigh's new owners who'll get to decide.

The auction takes place this evening (details here), and the guide price is £100,000.

Update, 31/05/13: The cottage reportedly went for £212,000 last night, more than double the asking price. It's not known what the buyers intend to do with it.

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30 May, 2013
bargain guide price. I think it'll go for a lot more than that.
30 May, 2013
Nothing to do with my opinion of Savile, but tear it down! Anything to keep buildings out of areas like Glen Coe would be welcomed by me. Selfish, I know...
30 May, 2013
Nothing much to do with the thread, but always struck me as a bizarre place for Saville to buy - assuming he actually live there. Chris
30 May, 2013
The Glen Coe cottage formerly owned by Hamish MacInnes is to be auctioned later today. Is that better?
30 May, 2013
He did live there. He was always jogging up and down that road. I'd buy it in a second, if I had a pot to piss in.
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