NEWSFLASH: Steck Solos Annapurna South Face

In a brief report on Planet Mountain the news has broken that Ueli Steck has soloed the huge South Face of Annapurna (8091m), Nepal.

No exact details are yet known, but it is likely that this is one of the most impressive Himalayan climbs in history.

Ueli Steck on the South Face of Annapurna
© Steck Collection

UKC spoke to Jon Griffith, close friend of Ueli who said:

"I haven't been able to speak to Ueli yet, but I did speak to his wife, and she has confirmed that Ueli has done the route."

Earlier in the day Jon also commented on his facebook page: "Holy crap. If the news from Annapurna is true then Ueli Steck you are truly one hell of a machine...I don't think anyone will be able to comprehend what kind of an accomplishment that is..."

This is Ueli's third attempt at the 2500m south face, his previous attempts ended when he was first hit by stonefall in 2007, resulting in a 300m fall (UKC News) and then in 2008 when he abandoned an attempt to go to the aid of another climber who tragically died (UKC News).

Ueli has reported this 2013 ascent in a very brief text message on Planet Mountain which reads: "Summit, alone, South Face."

NB: We will bring you more news on this ascent when we have it.

Ueli is sponsored by several companies including: Beal, Mountain Hardwear and Petzl

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10 Oct, 2013
Monumental (,,, or should that read 'mental'?!)
10 Oct, 2013
Wow inspiring stuff!
10 Oct, 2013
Holy Cow, that IS impressive.
10 Oct, 2013
Jeepers. I have very little idea what this involves, but it isn't the sort of news you hear every day, that's for sure. jcm
10 Oct, 2013
Wow! Looking forward to hearing more about this!
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