The BMC and Hillwalking - Forum Q&A

Carey Davies, the BMC's hillwalking officer, is now available on the BMC Areas forum to take questions on all aspects of the work the organisation does on behalf of hillwalkers. 

Carey Davies on Suilven, 47 kb
Carey Davies on Suilven

The BMC has often been criticised over the years for appearing to do more for climbers than hill walkers. But that's all changing, they say, and the BMC are now striving both to communicate the work they already do for hill walkers more effectively, and to expand and improve on it.

The man responsible for overseeing this change is Carey Davies. Formerly Assistant Editor of walking mag TGO, Carey started work for the BMC in spring this year in an all-new role funded by Sport England. 

Since starting Carey has been hard at work. So what's he been up to on behalf of hillwalkers in England and Wales, and what are the BMC's future plans? 

Carey is taking questions today from 11am - 5pm. Feel free to quiz him now on the BMC Areas forum

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