El Diablo, ~8C by Woods at Peñoles, Mexico

Daniel Woods on El Diablo, ~8C, Peñoles, Mexico  © Daniel Woods (Instagram)
Daniel Woods on El Diablo, ~8C, Peñoles, Mexico
© Daniel Woods (Instagram)

While in Mexico, Daniel Woods made the first ascent of el Diablo for which he suggests 8C.

From his Instagram:

Peñoles was off the hook! 15 days of surviving in the desert allowed me to reflect on the reason that I climb. I love sampling new rock and sharing that experience with good friends.
Jimmy Webb was a machine and hiked miles everyday with Dave Graham finding some of the most badass lines that I have seen.

He found this rig and showed it to me. I got psyched, rapped off of it, cleaned it up, then went into battle with it.
The line ascends a 25 foot, 50 degree overhanging face on jigsaw style rock. The climbing is isolated and controlled with minimal feet and long reaches between half pad mini pinch grips. The rock is bullet proof.
I climbed this thing last day/last try of the trip, topped out, and stared at the stars. El Diablo (v15) was born and I could not have done it without the support of our crew.

After Mexico, on their way to Bishop, Daniel and Jimmy made a quick stop at Ibex, where they both repeated James Litz' Wing Chun, ~8A+/B, Daniel managing to flash it.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: The North Face, La Sportiva, Organic, Petzl, Sanuk, Life Sport, Native Eyewear and Nicros,

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