Biographie, 9a+, by Amma

Sachi Amma working Biographie, 9a+, Céüse, France  © Amma coll.
Sachi Amma working Biographie, 9a+, Céüse, France
© Amma coll.

World Cup leader Sachi Amma has repeated Chris Sharma's Biographie, 9a+, at Céüse, France.

Sachi's ascent was the 11th over all and 4th this season, after Siegrist, Megos and Ondra. It was also his 4th of the grade after Papichulo, Pachamama and La Rambla.
If he were to spend more time on rock, I'm sure he could climb something considerably harder.

Sachi Amma is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten, Petzl and The North Face

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7 Aug, 2014
When did La Rambla become 9a+?
7 Aug, 2014
7 Aug, 2014
And why is it always Biographie and not Realization these days?
7 Aug, 2014
Sharma has been convinced that the local ethic in play at the time was that the bolter got to name the route (Biographie) and he (Sharma) was wrong to try and rename it Realization.
8 Aug, 2014
More accurately: Sharma named it Realization because Arnaud Petit called the version with the intermediate anchor Biographie (which he shouldn't have done), and Sharma didn't want to cause confusion. Now that the intermediate anchor has been removed, the consensus seems to be to call the route Biographie. JC Lafaille didn't seem to mind the dual names (at the time, the intermediate anchor was still there), calling the Realization a "brilliant solution to Biographie" (Alpinist 14).
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