Silbergeier 8b+ MP by Fabi Buhl

Fabian Buhl on Silbergeier, ~8b+ MP, Rätikon, Switzerland, 125 kb
Fabian Buhl on Silbergeier, ~8b+ MP, Rätikon, Switzerland
© Stefan Kuerzi

Fabian Buhl has repeated Beat Kammerlander's classic multi-pitch Silbergeier, 8b+, at Rätikon, Switzerland.

When Silbergeier was first climbed free in 1994 it, together with The end of silence and Des Keisers neue Kleider represented the cutting edge of hard multi-pitching.
Now, though I don't believe it has become any less impossible for 99,9% of climbers, it's more like entry level if you want to call yourself a world class allround climber. "World class" being the key words here.

If there is such a thing a bullet lime stone, that's apparently what this route is made of. That and a lot of space between bolts.

Fabi used to be as well known for climbing hard boulder problems, such as for example Dreamtime, ~8C, as he was for breaking his ankle now and then.
Then, not so long ago, he decided there was more to climbing than risking his ankles, so he figured he would raise the stakes and try trad climbing.
"HVS?", you might think, and while this sounds, his first route was in fact Prinzip Hoffnung, E9/10 ~8b+, a very demanding and sparsely protected line on the Bürser Platte at Vorarlberg, Austria. First ascent: Beat Kammerlander.

Again, this wasn't enough. Onwards to Rätikon and beyond...

Fabian Buhl is sponsored by: Climb On, La Sportiva, Lapis and Petzl

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