8B and 8A+ by Ashima, in a day

Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA, 125 kb
Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA
© Kenji Tsukamoto

Ashima Shiraishi has done both Blood Meridian, ~8B, and Babeurre, ~8A+, in a day at Bishop.

As promised, 13 year old Ashima delivers at Bishop:

All in a day's work...I sent Babeurre V12 and Blood Meridian V13 (the first section of the mega-project).

Who knows, maybe she goes for that project now. Daniel Woods got close back in February when he did the ~8B and the ~8B+ parts, but didn't have the head to go for the sketchy ~7C+ top. According to The Formula, this project should weigh in around ~8C+... Check out Exposure II for video of this.

Keep watching this space for more news about Ashima.

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: Clifbar and Evolv

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