SPOT Filipino Climbers - Charity Project

Pro climbers James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini are pushing a charity project called SPOT (Share Progress Open Teach) - an organisation in association with Climbers Without Borders helping climbers from countries where climbing gear is out of reach, either because it's not available or too expensive for the average salary.

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The project is beginning in the Philippines and the first aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of climbers in this country and to provide climbing gear: if you have any spare/unused gear (harnesses, crash pads, climbing shoes, ropes, bolts, drills) the charity will organize the transport to send it to the Philippines.

The second goal is to raise money via a crowd-funding campaign:

  • to pay the transport fees of the gear collected
  • to fund local bolting


So far over €1000 worth of gear has been collected and over €1000 in cash thanks to raffles and t-shirt sales. 

For more information see the SPOT website.

Watch a video about the project below:

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