Dumbarton Rock Tourism Workshops Announced

A series of workshops focussing on ways to improve tourism around the renowned Glaswegian climbing hotspot Dumbarton Rock and its historical castle will be taking place over the next four days.

Councillors, local business owners and members of the local community have been invited to attend the interactive design workshops held in the Dumbarton Football Club and Dumbarton Burgh Hall to build a specific 'community masterplan' - with the aim of transforming the Rock and its waterfront into a first-class tourist destination.

Organisations taking part in the workshops include West Dunbartonshire Council and Historic Scotland, as well as planners and tourism experts.

It is unclear as yet whether any plans proposed may affect the climbing at Dumbarton Rock, or indeed if any climbers are involved in the consultations. 

We hope to follow this story as the workshops and consultations develop.

See the original BBC Report for more information.

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