NEWSFLASH: New Route on Troll Wall

This report was originally posted in Norwegian on by Dag Hagen

Two Polish climbers - Marcin Tomaszewski and Marek Reganowicz - recently topped out on a 19-day project on Troll Wall (Trollveggen) in Norway, where they climbed a new route named Catharsis.

The route is graded M7 / A4, with a length of 1100m and reaching one of the highest points on the wall.

Marcin and Marek, 79 kb
Marcin and Marek

Marcin commented that the length of the route and weather required much effort and persistence in this short interview with Dag:

- How was your trip? Nice and painful?

- Inspiring, creative and demanding an iron will.

- What was the biggest challenge?

- The weather. We had to climb in all conditions, with storms, snow and wind.

- Any close calls?

- Beyond the difficult climb...falling rocks and overhanging snow. It must be hell up there in summer!

Catharsis: New Route on Troll Wall, 150 kb
Catharsis: New Route on Troll Wall

The climbers spent 18 days on the wall and one day of abseiling on the descent. 17 bolts were drilled on the route and 9 rivets.

The Troll Wall is rarely climbed in winter conditions, so it's safe to say that this pair should have an interesting story to tell!

More information to follow...

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