VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip 2014: Turkey

Each year, climbing manufacturer Petzl organises a trip to a country with developing sport climbing areas, engaging local climbers and helping them to develop new routes alongside Petzl's top sponsored athletes. What's more, the public can join in the festivities and enjoy world-class new routes whilst meeting climbers from all around the world. 

The 2014 Petzl RocTrip took place in a series of eastern European countries, beginning in Romania and travelling through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece before finishing the journey in Turkey. 

Featuring Dave Graham, Nina Caprez, Daila Ojeda, Cedric Lachat and Britain's very own Steve McClure plus a band of many other top climbers, this video documents the final stage of the road-trip in Petzl's recognisably quirky style.

UKC's Chief Editor Jack Geldard also took part in the Turkey stage of the RocTrip - read his UKC report.


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