8b onsight and 8c second go by Janja Garnbret (15)

Janja Garnbret on Avatar, 8b, Pandora, Croatia, 205 kb
Janja Garnbret on Avatar, 8b, Pandora, Croatia
© Luka Fonda

15 year old, or rather young, Janja Garnbret has onsighted Avatar, 8b, and done Scrat, 8c, second go at Pandora, Croatia.

Janjo, from Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, is possibly the most promising female competition climber in the world right now having won all IFSC competitions she has entered in both Lead and Bouldering, including the World Youth Lead Championships and the European Youth Bouldering Championships.

So, basically a female Adam Ondra...

In two short visits to Pandora, she first onsighted Avatar, 8b, and Neytiri, 8a, and did Rocket Max, 8b, second go.

Then she did both scrat, 8c, and 90 days, 8b, both in two attempts.

Janja is in a hard training period right now, preparing for the competition season, so she shouldn't really be anywhere near her best shape. Scary thought that...

Janja Garnbret is sponsored by: C.A.M.P and CTeam

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