Demencia senil, 9a+, by Ghisolfi

Stefano Ghisolfi on Demencia Senil, 9a+, Margalef, Spain, 74 kb
Stefano Ghisolfi on Demencia Senil, 9a+, Margalef, Spain
© Paulo Sartori

Stefano Ghisolfi has repeated Chris Sharma's Demencia Senil, 9a+, in the Laboratory sector at Margalef, Spain.

This is most likely the 4th ascent after Sharma, Iker Pou and Ramon Julian Puigblanque, and I wouldn't be very surprised if we'll soon see a fifth ascent by Gabriele Moroni who has been working the route with Stefano.

Mission accomplished on first day of the second trip to Margalef, Demencia Senil 9a+ is done!!! It took me 6 days, a lot of tries but I understood this is not my limit. I'm looking forward to try the next route of the next level, First Round...

I'm going to go ahead and stick my neck out and say I'm guessing he's talking about First round, first minute...

Photo by Paolo Sartori

Stefano Ghisolfi is sponsored by: C.A.M.P, Cassin, E9, HRT and La Sportiva

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