McHaffie and Coxsey on BBC Radio Podcast

Top British climbers James McHaffie and Shauna Coxsey featured on this month's BBC Radio 5 live extreme sports show presented by Jenny Jones, talking about rising levels of participation in the sport. A podcast is available for the next 30 days to catch their interviews if you missed the live show.

James McHaffie, 74 kb
James McHaffie

The 50-minute show is titled "Climbing, Snowboarding and an Egg Sandwich" in reference to James' feat of soloing 100 Lakes Extremes in a day, fuelled by 'just one egg sandwich.'

Shauna emphasises the growing number of women taking up climbing, with references to the success of her annual Women's Climbing Symposium and to the fact that the bar for elite female achievements is being raised higher and higher each year. 

The podcast is available to listen to here.


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