New Technical Developer at UKClimbing - Martin Mckenna

We are extremely pleased to welcome Martin Mckenna to the UKC/UKH team. Martin is a keen climber and programmer living in Glasgow and a graduate of the University of Strathclyde.

He has been climbing since childhood. "I was introduced to climbing by my Dad on my 7th birthday with a trip down to the local climbing wall." Since then he has gone on to develop a full-blown obsession for both summer and winter climbing of all types, especially in Scotland.

Martin Mckenna, 53 kb
Martin Mckenna. Photo: Luke McPhee

Martin joins UKC/UKH as Assistant Technical Developer to Paul Phillips and Stephen Horne. At a time when the technical demands of the web site and app development are ever increasing it is going to be a great boost to us to have an extra pair of hands to help move things on as fast as we would like. 

Martin Mckenna, 215 kb
Martin on Hamish Teddys Excellent Adventure (7b+) at Dunkeld. Photo: Luke McPhee

This brings the full-time UKC/UKH staff to six with two part-time editors and one more developer working exclusively for Rockfax. 

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