Everest Climbers Scammed Out of Thousands in Himalaya

Himalayan Times, 168 kb

A group of nine mountaineers have had thousands of pounds stolen by their Himalayan tour operator. The team of eight Greeks and one Indian had paid a reported 12 million rupees to expedition operator Tshering Dorjee Sherpa for their chance to climb Everest.

Tshering Dorjee Sherpa runs the Kathmandu-based Himalayan Adventure Treks and Expeditions company, and after meeting with his nine clients and taking large payments for a 50 day Everest expedition, he has subsequently disappeared.

The Himalayan Times news report states 12 million rupees (£80,000) was stolen, the expedition is now canceled and nine climbers are seriously out of pocket.

Commenting on the Himalayan Times website, Narahari, deputy superintendent of police, confirmed that a search was underway for Tshering, stating: "A police team raided his office and house."

So far the newly rich tour operator has evaded police capture.


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