Fontainebleau wrap up

Sean McColl on Gecko assis, ~8B+, Fontainebleau, 96 kb
Sean McColl on Gecko assis, ~8B+, Fontainebleau
© McColl coll.

Good conditions in Fontainebleau lately has meant multiple hard repeats from various perps.

Sean McColl flashed Elephunk, ~8B, and then did two ~8B+'s in a day. First he did Gecko Assis on his first try of the day, and then he headed to Rempart where he took down Super Tanker.
The latter traverses almost the whole Big Golden-block from left to right, but instead of going all the way right, it finishes up Atrésie, 8A.

Meanwhile, Jan Hojer also had a good couple of days doing:

Le Tajine, ~8B
Ouroboros, ~8B
Dune, ~8B+
Chaos, ~8B/+
L'Illusion du Choix, ~8B


Obviously, the French felt they needed to respond somehow. They sent Jérémy Bonder, who quickly did Gourmandise, ~8B, and The Traphouse, ~8B+.
His team mate Mickaël Mawem contributed to the French effort by doing Quoi de neuf acte 2, ~8B.

I'm quite sure this means Font has gone soft.

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