Half Weight-Half Price Products from Alpkit

50% off new ultralight gear from Alpkit - exciting developments from outdoor specialists Alpkit as they shake up the industry again with yet another innovative approach to product development that offers a double whammy of savings.

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Half the Weight, Half the Price

After many years of development not only have they managed to halve the weight of much of their product lines, but in doing so have made savings that allow them to sell at half the normal price.

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Usually with lighter weight comes a higher cost, but not from Alpkit... Head of Alpkit’s Strategic lightweight assessment programme, Lou Swate couldn’t be more excited. “Our product designers have been working tirelessly over the last 5 years to halve the weight of our core products and make cost savings that can be used to build a system to save you pounds, literally! It’s a first for any online business to be able to offer 50% lighter products and at half the normal price. There has been a lot of work with complex algorithms, but breaking it down simplistically we soon saw that halving the product could save us half the weight and in turn we could pass on savings and offer these products at half the price. It just worked!”

This certainly spells an exciting time for all outdoor enthusiasts as we see prices generally increasing for quality outdoor kit.

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