VIDEO: Iker Pou on Big Men, ~9a+, Mallorca

Iker Pou has made the first ascent of Big Men, ~9a+, at Fraguel, just north of Palma, Mallorca.

The line was bolted some 20 years ago by Carlos Raimundo, but evidently, it took a while until it got to see a first ascent.
Looking at what I guess is the crux sequence, it doesn't come as a surprise no one has been able to climb it before. Looks rather nails.

Iker Pou is one of the world's best allround climbers, have climbed everything from 8B+ boulders to 8a pitches 6000m above see level.

What he absolutely excels at however, seems to be monos of all shapes and sizes (I do realize monos don't come in so many shapes or sizes).

Big Men is his third 9a+ after Demencia Senil and Nit de Bruixes both at Margalef, Spain.

Videos of Demencia Senil and Nit de Bruixes can be found at Filmut

Iker Pou is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Petzl, Red Bull and The North Face

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