Cheddar Gorge Vandalised: Hacked Bolts and Graffiti

Parts of the popular climbing area Cheddar Gorge have been severely vandalised following a series of destructive acts involving defacement of the rock with graffiti, removal of signs and most dangerously - damage to the bolts used by climbers and abseilers.

Cheddar Gorge Graffiti, 213 kb
Cheddar Gorge Graffiti
© Michael Dearden

As reported by the Cheddar Valley Gazette, the damage is believed to have been carried out by local youths at night. Such acts of vandalism have become increasingly frequent of late and are thought to be some form of vengeance after police stopped an attempted break-in of a local derelict building last month.

A bolt wrenched out of place, 140 kb
A bolt wrenched out of place
© Michael Dearden

We do not have precise details of the full extent of the damage, although according to the news report, the bolts are in no fit state for climbing or abseiling and will likely require re-drilling and replacing. Climbing in the area has reportedly been postponed until further notice.

Further graffiti, 207 kb
Further graffiti
© Michael Dearden

UKC contacted Cheddar Gorge officials who refused to comment on the damage, claiming: "We've sorted the issue and we won't be making any further public comment."

Recent graffiti damage in Cheddar Gorge, 205 kb
Recent graffiti damage in Cheddar Gorge
© Michael Dearden

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